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The Dragon's Village

by Skold Grimboar

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Once upon a time, there was a very peculiar human village. A village protected by a dragon.

No one really remembers when the dragon came to this place and why he decided to help them. But he did for generations, and the people had no reason to doubt his intentions.

The dragon helped with the hunt, the building, he repeled bandits and so on. Life here was a peaceful one.

One day, the dragon asked to speak to the villagers. He had an announcement to make.

"Humans," he said, "I have been protecting this village for more years than you can count and I never asked for anything in return. Today, I will ask something of you. You will build a temple in my honor, and you will be well rewarded for it."

The villagers didn't argue. They knew they owed their tranquility to the dragon.

For months, they had been working hard to build the most magnificent temple. The dragon took part in the construction as well.

Then, the temple was finished. It was beautiful. The dragon himself was in awe. He spoke to the villagers:

"You deserve to witness my true power. It is a power I didn't think you were ready for, but I think you are now."

The dragon asked for some onion to be placed on the ground before him. It was an odd request to the villagers eyes, but it didn't take long for a farmer to bring one.

When the onion was in place, the dragon started casting some spell. Then, in the blink of an eye, the onion turned into gold!

The villagers couldn't believe their eyes.

"If you wish to harness this power," the dragon said, "you will have to overcome the trials. Be prepared, for they can be deadly. I will now rest in my temple, waiting for the most brave and wise of all."

The dragon then flew to his new den.

Of course, Humans are by nature driven by greed, so they rushed to the temple, convinced that no trial could stop them to get the dragon's incredible power.

They were wrong.

Many died that day, and many others the day after. They tried and tried and tried again. They died, one after another, obsessed by the reward at stake.

But in the end, no one succeeded.

The few remaining villagers mourned not only the dead, but also the loss of that peaceful life they once had.

Only grief remained when they left the village forever.

A village and a temple consigned to oblivion.

The End